Time & Date

  • 3 days modul 1
  • 3 days modul 2
  • 10-12 May 2016
  • 13-15 May  2016


  • Michael Hall


  • Group Psykology
  • Group Dynamics
  • Practical application
  • Benchmarking


  • Saturnus Slussen, Stockholm Sweden


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For the first time in Sweden!

Kompus Kompetensträning AB in association with Neuro- Semantics Foundation invites you to a course in group and team coaching with L. Michael Hall Ph.D, May 10th-15th , 2016.

This Course is about Group & Teamcoaching
For one simple reason -there is an enormous potential in groups!

The training is for:

Coaches who wants to have more to offer...

Develop your skills and become a requested group and Team Coach. The market is increasing for coaches who are experienced and competent to manage and develop working groups to effective teams. If you are already a coach and have the basics of coaching this course will expand your toolbox.

Project managers who is looking for effective methods...

A project group's success depends on the team members drive, dedication, goal focus and interpersonal skills combined with the leadership and organizational structure. The training team and group coaching gives you a wider range to cope with the dynamic process that goes on in a group. You will learn how to keep the energy up in groups during long procedures.

Educator/Trainers who want to create learning states in groups...

As an educator you know that the group state is critical for the outcome. There is a high level of flexibility and shifts of perspective in the individualized education while you lead a dynamic team. Train your skills to create a learning environment that enables the entire group to achieve results.

Leaders who want to become more persistanse

It takes a lot to be a leader, and even more of to be a successful leader. Many times different opinions are mixed up with feedback which creates frustration instead of development. Once you have a consistent and sustained strategy to meet the different groups you retain your own drive. Be a motivator for the entire team and a developer for the full potential of the team.

The Course

A key factor to success within the corporate world is how efficient different teams and groups work together. Declining results is often due to dysfunctional teams working inefficiently. By learning how to better conduct meetings, inspire people, and how to coordinate activities to maximize group effort you’ll be able to increase efficiency within your group.
You will during the course, under the guidance of Michael Hall, actively practice nine different skills which we know improves you as a leader and increases the efficiency of your group.

The course is based on the latest research within behavioural science and leadership to ensure that the complexities and dynamics of human behaviour is understood. This reduces friction within the group and creates the pillars for success.


The content of the course will be given in English with the opportunity to do a part of the course in your own language.

Part 1 – Three days

L. Michael Hall Ph.D teaches about:

Group dynamics
Management of task-focus vs. personal focus
Driving factors that turns a group into a team
Managing dysfunctional groups
Challenging and inspiring different personalities within the group

Part 2 – Three days

Practical application of module 1
Benchmarking using a uniquely developed system

Realistic training with frequent feedback.

To you as a Meta-Coach:

Please note that only 10 can be certified during part two. Apply before last application date to be guarantied certification.


Participants will be able to lead different types of teams where everybody works together, learns from each other, and makes decisions together. Become a well-coached leader who coordinates activities efficiently, communicates with precision, and increases group accountability. This will enable better creativity and ingenuity within the group, creating an efficient and value-contributing team.


The education is international and will be in English. The duration of the course is from 9 am - until 6 pm for 6 days. Coffee and lunch are included in the price. Every participant will also receive a Manual for Team Coaching when attending the course..


A recommendation for you as a participant is that you have the basic skills in leadership, project management, training or coaching so you can better assimilate the training content. During the course. There is also an advantages to be familiar with the NLP communication model and Coaching Leadership. We also recommend you to read Michael Halls' book Group and Team Coaching The requirements for assessement for GTMC credentials are ACMC credentials.

All other participants will receive a diploma.


L. Michael Hall Ph.D is the founder of Neuro-Semantics and Meta-Coach foundation and travels the world teaching about leadership and coaching. He has successfully trained over thousands of groups of leaders from all over the world. He has, in addition, also published a significant number of books related to leadership and has extensive knowledge within the field of behavioural science.L. Michael Hall Ph.D has a doctor’s degree in Cognitive-Behavioural Psychology from Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio as well as a Master’s degree in Clinical Counselling and Psychology from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. In addition, he also has a B.Sc. in Management of Human Resources

More information about L. Michael Hall Ph.D can be found at:

Basic Facts


10th-15th of May, 2016


Saturnus Konferens, Hornsgatan 15, Stockholm, Sweden

For whom

Project Managers


2 900 Euro excluding taxes
3 160 US excluding taxes

Included in the price is lunch and fika.

Price, Module 1 only: 1 920 Euro, 2 100 US excl. Taxes
Price, Module 2 only: 1 290 Euro, 1 400 US excl. taxes


Upon registration an invoice will be sent of 290 Euro. 315 US This fee will not be returned in the event of cancellation by you. Remaining balance will be invoiced by 31st of March, 2016 at the latest.


Early Bird: 10% of the total price if the entire sum is paid by 15th of December.

5-for-4: Register five, pay only for four. Organisations registering more than four participants will get 100% of the fee for every fifth participant.

Housing: Arranged by the participants.

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